WW whole foods haul

Here are some of my favorite things that I grab at Whole Foods, along with their Weight Watchers points value.

ALEXIA ROASTED POTATOES 2/3 CUP FOR 2 POINTS– These are an awesome option for a quick and easy side dish! You can have a good sized serving for only 2 points, or you can eat the entire bag for 6.

FROZEN HIBACHI FRIED RICE– This was a perfect option to grab and keep in the freezer when wanting a quick and easy chinese fakeout. Bulk it up with some Chicken or Shrimp and extra veggies and serve with a side of edamame to make it even more filling!

YASSO BIRTHDAY CAKE BAR-4 POINTS I need allll the options for my sweet tooth, and these Yasso bars hit the spot everytime. They are a great size, delicious, and only 4 points.

365 TACO SHELLS 2 FOR 3 POINTS– These are a great option for taco shells! Lower points than most, and would go great with my Zero Point Mexi-Cauli chicken mix

ALEXIA YUKON SELECT FROZEN FRIES- 24 PCS FOR 3 POINTS– These have always been my go to frozen french fries! You can have a good amount for not a lot of WW Points! I always cook mine in the air fryer.

THE BETTER BAGEL- 3 POINTS – These Bagels are full sized, and only 3 Points on WW. They also pack 27 grams of protein. They are pricy which is a down fall, but a great option to have in the freezer and use for a breakfast sandwich!

365 OVEN ROASTED CHICKEN BREAST- ZERO POINTS- Gotta love zero point lunch meat! So versatile and great to always have in the fridge.

KIND FROZEN TREAT BARS- 7 POINTS– These Frozen Kind Bars are AMAZING. They totally remind me of a Snickers ice cream bar but for less the points! A good size too and totally workable into your day for a treat.

PRIMAL KITCHEN UNSWEETENED KETCHUP-ZERO POINTS- This is by far my favorite Ketchup. Zero points for a tbsp and has no weird taste!

365 FAT FREE MARINARA- ZERO POINTS!– This may just be my favorite Whole Foods find on Weight Watchers. This Marinara uses all zero point ingredients and even scans zero!! A Must have for when you want to make a low point pizza or any italian dish but don’t have the time to make your own!

GOODLES LOOPDY-LOOS 4 POINTS PER SERVING– These are a GREAT, lower point, higher protein pasta, that tastes just like the real deal! You get more fiber and protein than typical pasta and even kids would love this and not know its a lower point version.

RIGHT RICE ORIGINAL 3/4 CUP COOKED 3 POINTS- I just love this rice! We all know I love a good way to add volume for not a lot of points, so this is a great option! I love using it my Fried Rice recipe

NUGO SLIM PEANUT BUTTER BAR-4 POINTS– These are a delicious option for a protein bar that is on the lower point side and has a good taste to it! Definitely recommend!

GOODLES CHEDDY MAC- 7 POINTS PER SERVING– Again with the brand Goodles. but they’re just such a great option! This Cheddy Mac is absolutely delish, 7 points for a huge serving, and you can totally bulk it up by adding protein and veggies!

BRADS VEGGIE CHIPS– I absolutely love these! Super low in points and a nice crunch.

MOSAIC SALSA CHIPS- 24 FOR 3 POINTS– These are AWESOME! I first found them in snack size bags on Amazon, and I was happy to see them at Whole Foods! These go great dipping in zero point salsa! Perfect for a low point salty snack.

BELL AND EVANS FROZEN CHICKEN BURGERS- 4 POINTS- These area a great option to have in the freezer when you need something quick! Especially with summer approaching, its not always practical to make our own fresh zero point ones, so having these for only 4 points always available is awesome!

ZERO POINT GROUND TURKEY– A lot of people have trouble finding zero point turkey, so you can find this 99% fat free ground turkey at Whole Foods.

SNACK MATES CHICKEN & APPLE- 2 STICKS FOR 1 POINT– These are a MUST HAVE! 2 mini sticks (which equal one good sized stick when you have 2) are only ONE points on WW and absolutely delicious! These are a great purse snack to always have on hand!

LILYS BAKING CHIPS- 33 CHIPS FOR 2 POINTS– These have been a staple since I started. I love chocolate chips and Lilys is a game changer. These are 33 full sized baking chips for only 2 points on Weight Watchers!

APPLEGATE ORGANIC TURKEY DOG- 2 POINTS– Great option for a low point hot dog. I love to smother my hot dogs in zero point saurkraut anyway 🙂

BILINSKIS CHICKEN SAUSAGE- 1 POINT PER LINK– Buy these!! They are huge and only 1 point for a link!! So delicious! This is the peppers and onions flavor. I prefer to air fry mine!

WELLSHIRE UNCURED CHICKEN BACON- 3 SLICES FOR 1 POINT- If you’ve followed me for any amount of time you’ll know chicken bacon is something I eat pretty much every single day! I can not do turkey bacon, but this chicke bacon is amazing and you can have 3 slices for only 1 point!1 I love to air fry mine. I do 350 for 4 minutes and then let it rest a minute or two to crisp up.

365 EGG BITES- 2 BITES FOR 4 POINTS- These are an awesome option to keep on hand for on the go.They cook in minutes and are cheaper and lower points than grabbing Starbucks or Dunkin!

That’s it for this haul! Stay tuned for more to come!

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