WW Walmart pantry staples

Walmart has some of my favorite pantry staples that have helped me with my success throughout my Weight Watchers journey, helping me lose over 50 lbs! These are some of the shelf stable items that I always keep on hand.

  • JOSEPHS PITA BREAD– These have been a must have me for so long now! Only 1 WW point and make the best base for a pita pizza! Make sure the nutrition label shows 60 calories for the whole pita as there are other versions by Joseph that are higher in points. One of my favorite pita pizza is my 1 point BBQ chicken pizza
  • 647 HOT DOG ROLLS– These 2 point hot dog rolls are AMAZING. I love to add a low point hot dog or chicken sausage. I also love to make garlic bread out of them with spray butter, garlic powder, and italian seasoning.
  • MISSION YELLOW CORN TORTILLAS EXTRA THIN- You can have 4 of these tortillas for only 3 points. Great for tacos, or making your own chips!
  • KODIAK POWER CAKES BUTTERMILK- 1/2 cup dry mix for 4 points. This is something that is ALWAYS in my house and has been since the very beginning. Makes great pancakes with extra protein. Or level them up making my blueberry pancakes
  • FIBER ONE BROWNIE– 2 points and great for a sweet tooth. My favorite way to eat them is in a lightened up brownie sundae.
  • SELF RISING FLOUR- Always have this on hand to whip up some 2 ingredient dough to make bagels, pizza, and more!
  • LILYS BAKING CHIPS- Great option for low sugar, low point chocolate chips. You can have 33 good sized chips for 2 points.
  • HEINZ HOMESTYLE SAVORY BEEF- 1/2 cup for 1 point! So good on open face turkey sandwiches & rotisserie chicken with mashed potatoes.
  • CLASSICO CREAMY ALFREDO- Great option for a quick alfredo fix! Add it to some protein pasta, add some zero point chicken and veggies and boom, easy meal.
  • MCCORMICK COUNTRY GRAVY MIX- Another lifesaver for me. I LOVE country gravy, so this has been huge to satisfy that craving. I love to add it on top of extra crispy shake and bake chicken and mashed potatoes.
  • OLIVE GARDEN LIGHT ITALIAN DRESSING- This is SO GOOD and only 1 point for 2 tbsp!
  • HELLMANS LIGHT MAYO- 1 point for 1 tbsp. Tastes just like the real deal to me.
  • G HUGHES SWEET HONEY WING SAUCE- You can have up to 3 tbsp of this for zero points! Love to add to grilled chicken for a marinade.
  • RAYS NO SUGAR ADDED BBQ SAUCE- By FAR the best option for BBQ sauce on WW! 2 tbsp is ZERO points and it tastes exactly like the regular version. Thick and delicious, not runny like other options.
  • CANNED SLICED POTATOES- These are so great in a pinch. Only 2 points for a cup, Crisp them up in a pan with some spray oil and seasonings, or air fry!
  • ORTEGA TACO SAUCE- 1 tbsp is 0 points and I love to add this to my mexi-cauli chicken mixture.
  • SNYDER PRETZEL RODS- 1 point per rod, great for a crunchy salty snack.
  • CHEETOS BAKED 50% LESS FAT- Great option when you’re craving Cheetos but want to save a few points. 34 pieces is only 4 points, or have 26 for 3 points.
  • G HUGHES SWEET CHILI DIPPING SAUCE- I LOVE this stuff. You can have 3 tbsp for 0 points. I love to dip my chicken in it, or add it to my sweet and spicy cucumbers.
  • DEL MONTE DICED PEACHES- NO SUGAR ADDED- These are a great zero point fruit cup option. Make sure it says packed in water not its own juice!
  • UNSWEETENED APPLESAUCE- A great zero point pantry staple to bake with or eat on its own.
  • HEINZ NO SUGAR ADDED KETCHUP- 1 tbsp is 0 points. Tastes great.

I will be sure to update these as I go! Hope this helps.

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  1. Love, love, love new site!! Thx for all your input and hard work. I follow you religiously, have made many of your recipe ideas.

  2. Thank you for this! I have made many changes with your guidance and hard work! You’re SO appreciated!!!

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