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welcome to Ashley Tracks!

Hi, I’m Ashley! I started this community to keep myself accountable on WW. As a mom of 3, I’m always on the go so I needed a place to share my quick and easy (but also filling and delicious) recipes.

I hope this page will help you find the support and motivation you need to continue your health journey. Here you’ll find things I’ve been eating, grocery lists, and some random tips, tricks, and thoughts!


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It’s Ashley Tracks!

hi there, friend!

I’m a hot-mess-express, stay-at-home mom from New Jersey who became a healthy eating influencer by sharing my easy (usually on-the-go) “recipes” and tips. I’ve been on this weight loss journey for over 5 years so I’m very excited to finally have a place to put all my tried and true foods and tips!


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