WW Grocery Haul (Shoprite)

If you have access to a ShopRite, this guide is for you! Here are some of my favorite things I use on my Weight Watchers journey that have helped me get to lifetime. ShopRite is one of my absolute favorite places to shop, and where I get majority of my groceries!

Here is what I grabbed:

  • ROTISSERIE CHICKEN- 0 POINTS FOR THE BREAST WITH NO SKIN– An absolute MUST grab for me. I never leave a grocery store without one. When you eat the breast portion and take off the skin, it is ZERO points and so convenient. I love to use it on pita pizzas, for chicken salad, or even just alone and dipping it some zero sugar bbq sauce! So many ways to use it, but definitely a must.
  • THOMAS LIGHT ENGLISH MUFFIN- 2 POINTS- So good and only 2 Weight Watchers points. I use it for breakfast sandwiches or even as a bun for chicken sandwiches and burgers!
  • OLD TYME 647 BREAD- 1 POINT PER SLICE- Truly the best “low calorie” low point bread out there in my opinion, and I’ve tried a ton. Even my picky eat this as regular old white bread. You would never know its low calorie bread. So fluffy, and the right size, I like that it’s not thin. In NJ I am lucky to be able to find it all over, but I know its not widespread across the country. The best place I’ve found to order it from is netrition.com (no affiliation, just a great website!) It does freeze well!
  • APPLEGATE OVEN ROASTED TURKEY BREAST- O POINTS – Zero points for this turkey breast makes it a great lunch option!
  • ALPINE LACE 25% REDUCED FAT SWISS- 2 POINTS Such a great option for provolone cheese lovers. I love this its regular sized and not thin sliced, and still packs all the flavor!
  • TUMAROS CARB WISE WHITE WRAPS- 1 POINT – These have been one of my go to’s from very beginning. I love to use them for sandwich wraps, breakfast wraps, quesadillas, or burritos!
  • MISSION YELLOW CORN TORTILLAS- EXTRA THIN- 4 FOR 3 POINTS – Love having these on hand. Make sure you are buying the extra thin ones. I love to make my own tortilla chips with these for loaded nachos, or use them for tacos!
  • ROJOS BLACK BEAN 5 LAYER DIP– I can not tell you how much I love this. So low in points and do delish. Have it with some low point crackers (I have some options that I love on my Salty and Cruncy Snack List here or my favorite is to have it with my Mexi-Cauli Chicken Mix
  • BOWL & BASKET ROASTED GARLIC HUMMUS- 3 TBSP FOR 1 POINT – This is a ShopRite specific brand, but the lowest point hummus I’ve ever found! So good
  • PRESIDENT FAT FREE FETA CRUMBLES- 1 OZ FOR 1 POINT– My favorite low point Feta. You can have so much for so little points!
  • BOLTHOUSE FARM SALAD DRESSINGS– These are my FAVORITE salad dressings. They are in the refrigerator section by the product. There are so many amazing flavors. Most of them are 2 tbsp for 2 points.
  • PERDUE 98% GROUND CHICKEN- ZERO POINTS– I feel so lucky to be able to find this to be honest lol. I don’t really love the taste of ground turkey if I’m being honest, so this has been so clutch for me. I use it for SO many of my recipes. I do know people that ground their own chicken breast with a food processor, but I am happy to not have to even deal with that bc of this find!
  • BLACK BEAR LITE KEILBASA- 2OZ FOR 3 POINTS- If you love Keilbasa you have to try this! Tastes SO good! I love to bulk it up with some zero point saurkraut and low point potatoes!
  • LAURA LEAN BEEF 96/4%– Sometimes you just don’t want ground chicken or turkey and you want beef, and that’s totally okay! This option is so good and keeps your points lower. You can have 4 oz raw for 3 points.
  • SIMPLY SKINNY MASHED POTATOES- 1/2 CUP FOR 4 POINTS-Such a great quick option for mashed potatoes! Love to use it with some country gravy or some Heinz low point gravy.
  • BILINSKI CAJUN STYLE CHICKEN SAUSAGE- 1 LINK FOR 1 POINT– This is DELISH!! I love it in the air fryer! I use it for breakfast, or on a low point bun for a sausage sandwich, or paired with pasta or spaghetti sausage and some fat free marinara sauce for zero.
  • AL FRESCO COUNTRY STYLE CHICKEN BREAKFAST SAUSAGE- 1 POINT PER LINK -Another great breakfast sausage option.
  • STEAK-UMM CHICKEN BREAST SANDWICH STEAKS- ZERO POINTS – Always have these in the freezer for a quick zero point option. I love to add these to breakfast sandwiches or make chicken cheesesteaks.
  • CAULIPOWER SPICYISH CHICKEN TENDERS- 2 TENDERS FOR 2 POINTS– These are ALWAYS in my freezer. They have the perfect little kick and are seriously so good. They are regular chicken tenders with a cauliflower coating. You would never know they have any cauliflower anywhere on them. They also come in a regular version if you can’t do the spice. Can be pricy but I stock up when on sale!
  • STEWARTS DIET ORANGE AND CREAM SODA– Tastes JUST like a creamsicle. Fun fact, I used to work at a Stewarts root beer and this was one of my favorites! I love to throw some ice cream in it for a float!
  • SWISS MISS REDUCED CALORIE- 2 PACKETS FOR 1 POINT- These are a GREAT option for a sweet tooth, especially on a winter night! You can have 2 packets for only 1 point and they taste so good!
  • DORITOS DIPS– These are newer and are amazing. 2 tbsp for only 1 WW point.
  • GOOD THINS- SEA SALT– These crunchy little chips are so good and you can have so many for low points. 38 for 3 points. I love to dip them in some zero point salsa!
  • JOY MINI ICE CREAM CUPS- 3 FOR 0 POINTS OR 10 FOR 1 POINT- If you’re a volume eater like me these are such a good option.
  • JOY ICE CREAM BOWLS- 2 POINTS– I have always loved waffle ice cream bowls, so I love that I can have these when I’m craving them for only 2 points!
  • TOSTITOS MEDIUM SALSA- Zero point salsa is one of my favorite things. I love making crockpot salsa chicken (as simple as it sounds! Just add chicken and a jar of salsa to a crockpot) or adding it to ground chicken to flavor it up and make it less dry.
  • ZERO POINT POPCORN KERNELS– Any brand here works, but this is what I grabbed! I use this silicone popcorn maker from amazon and its GREAT!
  • HERRS SALSA CON QUESO- 2 TBSP 1 POINT-This is my favorite brand of queso bc you can have 2 tbsp for 1 point. I love queso!
  • FIBER ONE CINNAMON COFFEE CAKE- 2 POINTS- I love to warm these up for 20 seconds in the microwave.
  • DOLE NO SUGAR ADDED PINEAPPLE TIDBITS– I love these! Make sure its packed in water for it to be zero points.
  • UNSWEETENED APPLESAUCE- ZERO POINTS– Always have to have this on hand! Love to bake with it or eat it by itself when I want a zero point snack!
  • BOWL AND BASKET NON FAT SINGLES- ZERO POINTS- This is my FAV and was so happy when I found it! Its just like Velveeta but this one is zero points. Now yes, I know its not “real cheese”, but it melts SOOO good and I love it for certain recipes!
  • HORMEL TURKEY PEPPERONI- Such a great way to get some extra protein in for low points You can have 4 for zero points, or 12 of them for 1 point! Throw them on some homemade pizzas, or eat them as snack!
  • BALL PARK SMOKED TURKEY FRANKS- 1 POINT- These are great on the grill or in the air fryer. I add them to a low point bun and top it with things like zero point saurkraut, or turkey chili and cheese for a chili cheese dog!
  • OLIVE GARDEN LIGHT ITALIAN DRESSING- 2 TBSP FOR 1 POINT- I could seriously drink this dressing, its SO good!!
  • HELLMANS LIGHT MAYO– 1 tbsp for 1 point. I need mayo in my life and this tastes so good for a fraction of the points.l
  • RAYS NO SUGAR ADDED BBQ SAUCE- Hands down my fav. 2 tbsp is ZERO points and its LEGIT so good.
  • VELEVEETA 2% MAC AND CHEESE CUPS- If you grab the 2% cups you will save yourself 2 points! These are only 6 compared to 8 for the regular. Bulk it up with some zero point chicken and veggies for a great quick meal.
  • EXTRA CRISPY SHAKE AND BAKE-1/8TH PACKET FOR 1 POINT- Probably my top must have that changed the game for me. I LOVE fried chicken, and it was my biggest weakness prior to WW. Like give me all the fried chicken sandwiches or chicken fingers etc. This coating is so low and points and makes the BEST crispy chicken in the air fryer! Check out one way I use it making a lightened up McChicken
  • HEINZ HOMESTYLE GRAVY- 1/2 CUP FOR 1 POINT- Love this stuff on hand! I add it to rotisserie chicken and mashed potatoes, or love to add it to open faced turkey sandwiches.
  • RONZONI SMART TASTE-4 POINTS FOR A SERVING Saves you 1 point per serving and tastes exactly like regular pasta just has some added fiber which helps you stay full!
  • I CAN’T BELIEVE ITS NOT BUTTER LIGHT- Good low point butter replacement.
  • FAGE 0% GREEK YOGURT- This is the only brand of non fat greek yogurt I like. I like the thickness of it. My favorite way to use it is in my Zero Point Yogurt Fluff
  • FAT FREE REDDI WHIP- 3 TBSP FOR 0 POINTS- Disregard the picture, you can actually have 3 tbsp for ZERO points!! Love this.
  • PILSBURY REDUCED CALORIE CRESENT ROLLS- 3 POINTS- Love having these with some zero point eggs!
  • KOZY SHACK NO SUGAR ADDED RICE PUDDING- I have always had a strong love for rice pudding so I was thrilled when I found this and it tasted amazing since its so low points. I love to add fat free reddi whip and cinnamon.
  • DAISY LIGHT SOUR CREAM– 29 GRAMS FOR 1 POINT- Now I am NOT a use greek yogurt as sour cream replacement kind of girl, so this is my favorite bc it tastes so good and you can have JUST under 2 tbsp (literally 1 gram under saves you a whole point) for only 1 point.
  • KID FRESH WAFFLES- 2 FOR 4 POINTS– I love these frozen waffles! I bought them for my kids and they ended up being my go to when I realized how good they are for only 4 points!
  • KRAFT FAT FREE MOZZ CHEESE– You can have 20 grams for ZERO points, or you can have up to a half a cup for only 1 point! If you have tried it before and didn’t like how it melted, try spraying it with cooking spray before baking and watch the magic! (you can also rinse the cheese first but spraying is easier to me)
  • VEGGIES MADE GREAT KETO CHOCOLATE RASPBERRY- 2 POINTS PER MUFFIN- These are so delish and a great way to curb a sweet tooth! The double chocolate will come up as 5, but the raspberry chocolate is only 2 ww points!
  • BIRDS EYE RICED CAULIFLOWER FRIED RICE STYLE- 1 POINT PER PACKAGE- This is a GREAT way to do a “fake out take out” night for Chinese food! I love to add a1/2 cup of rice, an egg, and some veggies for a delish fried rice! Add some chicken for a complete meal!
  • PRIMAL KITCHEN KETCHUP- 1 TBSP 0 POINTS- 0 points for 1 tbsp
  • ORE-IDEA SHREDDED HASH BROWNS FROZEN- Hash browns are one of the best low point ways to bulk up a breakfast meal! You can have 1 cup frozen for only 1 point!

That’s all for this time! Hope this helps! 🙂

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  1. Thanks so much!!!!! Your tips help keep me on track while Introducing me to new convenience foods I never considered before.

  2. Thank you. You save a lot of time in the store by having this information. I have found some of your recommendations already but spent a lot of time scanning everything. I am anxious to try some new things u listed.

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