Hey guys! My name is Ashley

(also known ashleytrackspoints or ashleytracks)

I’m a New Jersey mom of 3 who is constantly eating quick, on-the-go foods! After years and years of “yo yo diets” and searching for balance, I finally found that when I rejoined WW in 2018 and changed my entire life.

But this wasn’t my first go round with WW.

In 2016, I joined, and while I had short term success, I went into it with a very unrealistic mindset. I wouldn’t touch my weeklies, and had all of these made-up food rules that were not sustainable.

As soon as the instant gratification wore off, I convinced myself it wasn’t working, quit, and gained all of my weight back.

In 2018, after having my 2nd baby, I knew something needed to change. And not just a short term change, I needed to figure out how to do this for the long haul.

I was done with the up and down, restricting that led to over eating, and so on. I was tired of saying “no” to going to the playground with the kids, I was tired of being out of breath just giving them a bath and wrestling them to get dressed.

I was tired of feeling sick every night going to bed.

So I sat down one day and asked myself what could I do? I knew I needed some guidance, but knew I didn’t want to have any “food rules”.

No more trying to stop eating at a certain time, give up food groups, say no to things I wanted at special events, and I also didn’t want to track every single thing that went into my body.

So thats when I decided to give WW another try, but this time going into it with the RIGHT mindset.

I was going to use all of my weeklies, not quit at the first unexplained gain, not set any time tables on how much I had to lose by a certain time, I was just going to make sustainable changes and stick with it no matter what. I knew I wasn’t going to be “perfect”I just wanted to be consistent.

I realized I could lose weight and not eat boiled chicken and steamed veggies for every meal!

Since then, I’ve created a HUGE community on Instagram by just holding myself accountable. I don’t post glamorous pics, I don’t overcomplicate meals, and I don’t stage kitchen (or car) for the ‘Gram!

And I’m officially a lifetime member WW member and my lifestyle habits have changed forever!

I hope you’ll find some helpful tips, encouragement and support from this page. Feel free to email me if you have any questions!